Essay natural resources bangladesh

Our agriculture depends on the rivers.

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Land, sunlight, wind and rock have unlimited availability on the earth. Dear students you can select any speech given below: They are the necessity of our life without which life is almost impossible. On the earth, they are found below the land like minerals, metals, petroleum and coal.

Resources that are found in a natural form and are not produced by human being are natural resources.

Essay on Natural Resources

Types of forest Forestry is a sub-sector of agriculture in Bangladesh, which makes a contribution to the national economy and is supposed to promote ecological stability. To meet the growing demand of the population, more mineral resources need to be discovered and developed, otherwise sustainable development cannot be achieved.

The resources which we use to sustain our life is called as natural resource. Natural resources are form of energy or matter fulfills the needs of people in various aspects like physiological, cultural, socioeconomic, etc.

Essay natural resources bangladesh

From the mids, the government shifted to encouraging private investment, but the industrial sector remained closely regulated.

This is because these resources are limited in quantity and are not renewable. In switzerland, direct democracy has a long tradition: We should start using some alternative forms of energy in order to reduce the burden on the natural resources.

I am very very thankful to my class teacher to give me such a great opportunity to speech here at this special occasion. Without them we cannot imagine our human life. Previous Story Essay on Necessity is the Mother of Wildlife protection should be promoted by banning the hunting of animals.

Natural Resources of Bangladesh

Trees planted in rows act as wind-breakers. Only a few trees should be cut down at one time and whenever possible trees should be planted afforestation. All resources are either directly or indirectly connected with others. All the resources are useful for human beings in different manner like tree produces oxygen, wood and vegetables for ussunlight, wind, water and oil are used for producing different kinds of energy and petroleum are refined to make fuel for different vehicles.

Pollution of air, water and soil is also depleting natural resources to a great extent. In case of petroleum, each country has its different percentage of production of petroleum and do import or export of petroleum according to their consumption need.

Natural forces such as landslides, earthquakes, floods, ice and snow also cause damage to plants, animals, soil, water etc. These resources are plants, fresh air, water, land and animals. They have tributaries as well.

According to the BP Statistical Energy Survey, Bangladesh had proved natural gas reserves of trillion cubic metres, % of the world total, and natural gas production of billion cubic metres, % of the world total.

Among the natural resources of Bangladesh are its arable land, timber, coal and natural gas. The most profitable of these resources is the fertile alluvial soil in the delta region largely molded by the country's physical geography.

Mineral resources Although Bangladesh is a small country, it has a number of mineral resources such as natural gas, oil, coal, hard rock, limestone, white clay, glass sand and mineral sand. At present, natural gas is the only mineral commodity significantly contributing to the national economy.

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consultant will be Environment & Natural Resources. Assignment Solution 8th level Strategic Management Ques: What is strategic These attributes can include access to natural resources or access to highly.

For example, both Bangladesh and Japan are very densely populated, but good supplies of natural resources, e.g., energy and building.

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Essay natural resources bangladesh
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