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You young men who are following the hospitals hardly know how much you are indebted to Louis. This is the great source of fallacy in medical practice. A loud outcry on a slight touch reveals the weak spot in a profession, as well as in a patient.

Two opposite inferences may be drawn from its doctrines and practice.

Medical Essays, by Oliver Wendell Holmes

No case of puerperal fever occurred afterwards, neither had any of the neighboring surgeons any cases of this disease. Both cited by me.

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But, if they wish to employ another person, who, as they think, knows more than you do, do not take it as a personal wrong. Lee makes the following statement: I therefore felt that it would be doing a good service to look into the best records I could find, and inquire of the most trustworthy practitioners I knew, to learn what experience had to teach in the matter, and arrived at the results contained in the following pages.

Huxley speaks very freely of "the utter ignorance of the simplest laws of their own animal life, which prevails among even the most highly educated persons. William Currie, and see the dangers into which a passion for grandiose generalizations betrayed a man of many admirable qualities.

At a meeting of the College of Physicians just mentioned, Dr. No case of puerperal fever occurred afterwards, neither had any of the neighboring surgeons any cases of this disease.

This is a most unfortunate loss, as the eighteenth capsula treated of agues, and we could have learned from it something of their degree of frequency in this part of New England.

What have you gained as a permanent possession. The way in which that knotty-featured, savage old man would bring out the word irritation — with rattling and rolling reduplication of the resonant letter r — might have taught a lesson in articulation to Salvini. To satisfy him on this ground, I addressed the following question to the President of one of our principal Insurance Companies, leaving Dr.

See that bent old man who is groping his way through the wards of La Charity. I have already mentioned the motives attributed by the Perkinists to the Medical Profession, as preventing its members from receiving the new but unwelcome truths.

The mediaeval ecclesiastics expressed a great truth in that saying, so often quoted, as carrying a reproach with it: He soon found numerous advocates of his discovery, many of them of high standing and influence.

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But this intelligent Me, who steps forward as the senior partner in our dual personality, turns out to be a terrible bungler. This plan was pursued for one month, during which not a case of the disease occurred in their practice. But you did not see the ball leave the gun, pass through the air, and enter the body of the slain; and your testimony to the fact of killing is, therefore, only inferential — in other words, circumstantial.

Two clergymen of Boston and the vicinity, both well known to local fame, gave in their testimony to the value of the instruments thus presented to them; an unusually moderate proportion, when it is remembered that to the common motives of which Medical essays oliver wendell holmes have spoken was added the seduction of a gift for which the profane public was expected to pay so largely.

We lent them our physician Michael Servetus in fair condition, and they returned him so damaged by fire as to be quite useless for our purposes. Very strict precautions were adopted to prevent those who thought more of the golden angel hung round the neck by a white ribbon, than of relief of their bodily infirmities, from making too many calls, as they sometimes attempted to do.

The character of the opposition which some of these papers have met with suggests the inference that they contain really important, but unwelcome t.

Oliver Wendell Holmes's first novel, Elsie Venner, has three prefaces, each allowing the reader less license than its predecessor. In the first, Holmes describes the book as a "romance," and.

Medical Essays, by Oliver Wendell Holmes. Some of My Early Teachers [A Farewell Address to the Medical School of Harvard University, November 28, ] I had intended that the recitation of Friday last should be followed by a few parting words to my class and any friends who might happen to be in the lecture-room.

But I learned on the. Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. (August 29, – October 7, ) was an American physician, professor, lecturer and author.

Regarded by his peers as one of the best poets of the 19th century, he is considered a member of the Fireside Poets. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Medical Essays, by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost.

Medical Essays, by Oliver Wendell Holmes. The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever Printed in ; reprinted with additions, THE POINT AT ISSUE.

THE AFFIRMATIVE. “The disease known as Puerperal Fever is so far contagious as to be frequently carried from patient to patient by physicians and nurses.” O. W. Holmes,

Medical essays oliver wendell holmes
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Medical Essays by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.